Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Positive Luxury award given to Fox Hunt!!

Fox Hunt Menswear recently received the Positive Luxury award which promotes the organic and sustainable products. Fox Hunt Menswear feels pleased that their work has been noticed and appreciated by Positive Luxury.

Fox Hunt Menswear is still trying to gain customers and expand, so being awarded with the Positive Luxury award, makes Fox Hunt feel that their products are being seen as what they should- as organic, local and made according to people’s needs and wants.

“We are very pleased that the Positive Luxury award was given to Fox Hunt, and we hope that our products and style will continue to interest people and that the brand will keep on expanding and exploring new possibilities in men’s fashion” said Julija Bainiaksina, the Founder and Head Designer of Fox Hunt Menswear.

Fox Hunt hopes that the Positive Luxury award will not be the only one, and that in the future the brand will have more opportunities to share their success with its fans and customers.

Please look out for Fox Hunt Menswear and check in on the website regularly, or else you might miss out on something special.

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