Saturday, November 24, 2012

Casey Legler- the first female male model!

Hello everyone,

I came across something really interesting today!
Did you ever hear about Casey Legler who is a first female male model?
She would be nothing special, just another model with a huge, happy grin and a goofy laugh, from NY....but SHE is listed under Ford Men on the Ford Models website where a range of images from her signature dandy style photo shoots are on show.

I came across a lovely video in which she is talking about her career in male modelling so far. Talk about being original with your career choice, eh?!

She even laughed about it all, saying: "As far as I know there aren’t any other women exclusively modelling as male models. [Laughs] That is such a weird thing to say ‘cause you know, I’m a woman! It speaks to this notion of freedom…there’s something really bold about that. Look! There is also this other way. And it’s really rad."

You probably heard about Andrej Pejic, who is a male turned female model, but they really are completely different!

So, if any of you ever had a problem with being a tomboy and looking rather fierce and manly in your trousers...well, here is an idea for a new career path for you...Of course if you are about 6 feet tall!
Good day and make the most of all the Christmas sales going on!! (you can get some cool manly clothes and give yourself a new look!)

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