Tuesday, November 27, 2012

An interesting article about how we became addicted to sugar!

I was rummaging through BBC's news page and came across something really interesting.

It is an article by Anne Gibson and it tells us how humanity became addicted to this sweet, lovely sugar.

For centuries, sugar was regarded as a status symbol- simply because it was too expensive to be consumed in huge quantities (like we do now!).
Britain started o fall in love with sugar in the 1600s when it was discovered that the sugar cane thrived on Barbados, where nothing else wanted to grow.

It was thanks to sugar that Britain's wealth started to grow and helped to build the Empire. Firstly, it was the Scots and Irishmen who did all the hard work on the plantations, but later, it was the slaves from West Africa who replaced them.

So, looking at sugar...it was a blessing for the British, and a curse for the slaves, because this business helped the slavery to really thrive.

The article later tells us how others perceived sugar, how it was used, and finally, how it showed it bad side in the 19th century.

“For the poor in the 19th century a lot of their calorific intake came from sugar - they could have been taking in calories from elsewhere that came with nutrients”

This little piece is really worth reading- maybe we will be a bit more careful about how much sugar we consume every day after reading it!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday today! Get your credit cards and shop!

So, today is Cyber Monday, last Friday was the 'black' Friday- that all means SALES and discounts before Christmas!

Did you get anything from the internet today? Or maybe you managed to get something amazing on Friday?

I wish I would have enough money to buy everything I want (and definitely do not need!) for half the original price!

Be sure to make the most of the sales and please yourself and your loved ones with amazing gifts!
Don't we just love this moment of every year?! But be vary....Christmas is coming too!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Casey Legler- the first female male model!

Hello everyone,

I came across something really interesting today!
Did you ever hear about Casey Legler who is a first female male model?
She would be nothing special, just another model with a huge, happy grin and a goofy laugh, from NY....but SHE is listed under Ford Men on the Ford Models website where a range of images from her signature dandy style photo shoots are on show.

I came across a lovely video in which she is talking about her career in male modelling so far. Talk about being original with your career choice, eh?!

She even laughed about it all, saying: "As far as I know there aren’t any other women exclusively modelling as male models. [Laughs] That is such a weird thing to say ‘cause you know, I’m a woman! It speaks to this notion of freedom…there’s something really bold about that. Look! There is also this other way. And it’s really rad."

You probably heard about Andrej Pejic, who is a male turned female model, but they really are completely different!

So, if any of you ever had a problem with being a tomboy and looking rather fierce and manly in your trousers...well, here is an idea for a new career path for you...Of course if you are about 6 feet tall!
Good day and make the most of all the Christmas sales going on!! (you can get some cool manly clothes and give yourself a new look!)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

FOX HUNT MENSWEAR at Wolf and Badger, Notting Hill, London

Fall/Winter 2012 Men’s Ready to Wear Blazers!

This season everything is about soft color combination and innovations in texture for men's blazers. Fall/Winter 2012 Men's Ready to Wear Blazers is about elegance and attention to detail. Every man should update his wardrobe with a checked blazer for this season. Don't forget that a man who wears checked blazers looks really attractive for women. This season it’s all about being confident and comfortable in what you wear, so...we choose for you some inspirations that are cool and make you more confident. 

Shades for a professional chic look!

Get inspired by Men's Checked Blazers! 

Have a nice week!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Positive Luxury award given to Fox Hunt!!

Fox Hunt Menswear recently received the Positive Luxury award which promotes the organic and sustainable products. Fox Hunt Menswear feels pleased that their work has been noticed and appreciated by Positive Luxury.

Fox Hunt Menswear is still trying to gain customers and expand, so being awarded with the Positive Luxury award, makes Fox Hunt feel that their products are being seen as what they should- as organic, local and made according to people’s needs and wants.

“We are very pleased that the Positive Luxury award was given to Fox Hunt, and we hope that our products and style will continue to interest people and that the brand will keep on expanding and exploring new possibilities in men’s fashion” said Julija Bainiaksina, the Founder and Head Designer of Fox Hunt Menswear.

Fox Hunt hopes that the Positive Luxury award will not be the only one, and that in the future the brand will have more opportunities to share their success with its fans and customers.

Please look out for Fox Hunt Menswear and check in on the website regularly, or else you might miss out on something special.

Monday, November 19, 2012

FOX HUNT menswear at Dalston Department store in London

UCL Library

my favorite spot in UCL library

Something every girl would want for Christmas!!

It seems to me that Christmas time came earlier than even this year, with Christmas songs blasting on the radio every day...whatever the time, however, we all need to think about gifts!

The kind of gift every girl, small and big, would want is...Wait for it.....Ryan Gosling colouring book!

It is filled with well...Ryan Gosling. What else can anyone possibly want?! It is a really cute little book, and if somebody is good with colouring pictures, you will have something to hang around your room.

Here are some of the pictures from the book, go on, have a look and fall in love (or have a look and get it for your lovely girls):

The one on the right, of Ryan with George, is my personal favourite! I still remember Ryan's photo with his dog- cutest pair ever! Oh, here is that heart warming picture especially for you:
Well then, quickly get on the internet and get that book, because I bet it will be gone quickly like fresh buns!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


FOX HUNT MENSWEAR - bespoke and ready-to-wear knitwear for men

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London Street Style!

Nowadays everything is about street style, which  means wearing anything that fits your personality, style, character or taste. So...feel  free to get inspired by London Street Fashion as long as it suits your personal style.

Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fashion Trend - Denim Shirt!

Shop the new  man trend for Fall'12 - denim shirt. Go blue everywhere with the new trend, that has been promoted by designers and high streets store alike. Denim is traditionally associated more with casual and informal outfits, but in the new trend the fabric is currently being utilized in much smarter combinations, more tailored looks. We recommend you to wear the denim shirt under chunky knitwear pieces if you want to create a sophisticated and mature look.

How to wear denim shirt  in smart combination

Man's smart denim shirts

What do you think, denim can be incorporate into smart look?

Monday, November 12, 2012

The city of fashion underwater...once again!

Did you hear in the news about how Venice is now flooded? The city looks more like an underwater world, which only adds up to its usual mystique.

Of course people there try to stay positive, and...they drop all their clothes and go swimming...or sitting...around in water! They even go shopping as usual, the only difference being the shoes they wear- choosing wellingtons rather than fancy footwear.

Looks like fun, but aren't they a little cold? Honestly, it's November!

If you want to see more pictures of Venice in 'Atlantis' version, visit BBC's 'In pictures'

Let's all hope that Venice will dry up soon and that no serious damage was done!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

AW12/13 Men Trend - Rich Burgundy!

Rich burgundy has bean a big influence for many collection this year and you can see this color at Emporio Armani, Ermeneglido Zenga, Daries Van Noten, Bottega Veneta, Paul Smith, Hermes, Tommy Hilfiger etc. Burgundy is elegant, smart, classy,versatile color and suits all  types of skin tones. We like this color because of the elegance that transmits, its easy to wear, and for sure is going to be one of the star colors of AW12/13.
 How to wear burgundy:

What do you think? Do you dare with this color?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Pooches on the Battersea's Coats and Collars Ball!

Something new in the news today! I thought there is nothing as heart warming as some lovely pooches and celebrities!

See how elegant and stylish the pooches were!? I wish I could afford this handsome jacket!

Of course, the dogs were not alone there, and many well known celebrities were very keen to pose for pictures with the four legged models. We had Julien Macdonald there, model couple Sarah Ann Macklin and David Gandy , who is an ambassador for Battersea Dogs & cats Home, showed their support too. Olympic swimmer and self-confessed dog lover, Rebecca Adlington was there too, posing proudly with a little Jack Russell. Even fashion designer Henry Holland turned up for a cuddle!

The event was hosted by Amanda Holden and Tamara Ecclestone (a Chihuahua lover) had paid a considerable sum to be in attendance to raise money for the animal rescue centre.

All the creations were one-off and were shown on a 'dogwalk' during the gala dinner in the evening. One great example of the creations was a quilted coat made by Trevor Pickett, with two pockets- one for two hip flasks (water and whisky!) and two leather pouches (one for a foldable water bowl, one for....poo bags). Other collars and coats were designed by a host of designers such as Stella McCartney, Henry Holland and Mulberry.

All in all, if somebody likes to dress their pooch up in stylish clothing, that was the place to go! If, however, you have missed your chance, you might still be able to bid for something you like online

That's it then, hope you liked the post, well, you had to like the post, since it involves dogs, celebs AND fashion! It just can't get better than this!

Here is a last picture of David Gandy who, apparently, loves to pop into the Battersea Dog  & Cats Home for his dose of cuddles!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

David Beckham and H&M's Christmas collection

David Beckham, not only a footballer but also H&M collaborator, shows off his new collection of cosy cover-ups.

His collection is all comfy, warm and sexy at the same time and definitely worth checking out, since it's not at all that expensive!

Beckham's range of undergarments for H&M is an ongoing collaboration between him and a Swedish retailer, with whom they worked before last year.

So, here is an idea for a comfy and stylish Christmas Present! With this information, getting a cheap pyjamas  as an under-the-tree surprise, is not an option!

Here are some great shots of Beckham's range...and, of course, body...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Biopic about Saint Laurent coming out...soonish!

I have been surfing the net in hopes of finding an interesting topic to share with you all...and I have found something brilliant...!

Do you know this man?

I bet you do, it's Gaspard Ulliel, who, for example, played Hannibal Lecter in 'Hannibal Rising', and was the face of Chanel's male fragrance Blue.
He was chosen to play Yves Saint Laurent in a new biopic directed by Bertrand Bonello, according to Eric Altmayer who is the producer of the film. As he also added, "Saint Laurent" shooting is due to start next sprint.
I wonder what the film will be about, but surely, we will have a great chance to see many beautifully designed clothes there!
We will be looking forward to writing a review once the film is out!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Presidental Elections USA and fashion!

So the big day has finally arrived. The whole world is holding its breath and waiting for the grand finale...but we are here to discuss not only politics but also fashion....

So, I've done a little digging and found out what both candidates prefer to wear and how well they wear it!

Mitt Romney, the conservative inside and out, always neatly dressed, and I can safely say looking very handsome in the classic tailoring style we could see from day one of his campaign, has quite a few pairs of eyes on him, trying to figure out what it is that he is wearing!

According to Ask Andy About Clothes forum commenter, Mitt Romney’s suits are "of a conservative style so they’re probably high-end Brooks Brothers, Hickey Freeman or another American maker."

All Things Fashion DC wrote in their blog that, “Romney [often] sports [an] Oxford button down with a Brooks Brothers or Nordstrom suit. A suit from Nordstrom can cost anywhere between $600-1900.” I guess we shouldn't be surprised, considering how wealthy he is.

According to Philly Post, he did have a few 'bad suit' days with too long sleeves or too tight collar.

All in all however, Mitt Romney looks conservative, stylish and subtle, making him an ideal Conservative candidate. He knows what to wear, where and when to wear it. Here is a photo of him; do you agree that he knows what's he doing (of course fashion wise!)?

As for the current president's brand of suit, it was a lot easier to find! He is favouring an American brand, called Hart Schaffner Marx and also wears Hickey Freeman suits. They are high end brands and can cost from $1495 up to an astronomical $3000.

It is easy to see that Republicans and Democrats favour American brands, which is understandable, of course, almost all politicians want to shout that they are all about American quality and American values.

I came across a very funny article on FT blog about the things Barack Obama has in common with Kate Moss. It is quite interesting that they both decided to wear toned down clothes, grey or navy, for completely different reasons....tut, tut Mr. Obama, aren't we getting a little lazy in the mornings?

Anyhow, they both look great (especially when the whole world is looking), though from the pictures one can find on the internet, Mr. Obama sometimes does look a tad untidy (but then again, I did mention that Mr. Romney has his bad days too).

Don't we all though? So, care to share what you all think about both candidates? Which one looks better?

This is what I think about it:

Monday, November 5, 2012

Daniel Craig wear Tom Ford in “Skyfall”

James Bond (Daniel Craig) wears Tom Ford wardrobe in the new Skyfall film. The designer has created the entire wardrobe for Daniel Craig from tuxedos, shirts, suits, ties to  eyewear. We love the look of James Bond in Skyfall - an English gentleman perfectly dressed up.

Tom Ford, who worked for the 2nd time with the 007 franchise said: "I was very excited when I was first approached by [film producer] Barbara Broccoli about dressing Daniel Craig as James Bond," said Ford. "I worked with Jany Temime [Skyfall's costume designer] on creating the perfect classic wardrobe.  I have been dressing Daniel for some time and know that he looks best when simply dressed, so we did some beautiful suits, tuxedos and daywear. We didn't really modify our suits, as James Bond is a bit like our guy - classic and extremely elegant. Of course, as a man, designing menswear is more personal to me - I design what I would like to wear," explains the 51-year-old. "Designing womenswear is a more frivolous endeavour for me as I am able to evoke more fantasy with the fabrics and colours.  I love designing both ranges and I wouldn't feel fulfilled without either of these outlets."

 Have you seen Skyfall yet? What do you think – which is your favourite outfit?

Winter Competition: Stylish men of the streets

Hello again, I hope you're all listening!

I want to tell you more about out competition now, so prepare yourselves.

Grab your phones, cameras or friends with cameras, put on your best clothes, find a great looking spot and snap a few photos!

Once you have the best looking photograph, go to our website www.foxhuntmenswear.com , read the terms and conditions of the competition, sign at the bottom, put the date in and....

Send BOTH on the email stated in the terms and conditions!

We will get back to you to confirm that we've received your application!

All that's left to do is to sit back and wait for the results which hopefully will be published before Christmas.

I will show you our original, Christmas prizes again...just to make you want them more!! As you can see, we thought about it and decided that colourful mittens will be an even better treat!

 Go on, treat yourself to something precious this Christmas!

Competition soon open!!!

Hello everyone,

I have some great news for you! Fox Hunt Menswear will be holding a Christmas competition called 'Stylish men of the streets'.

Since it will be a Christmas competition, we have prepared some extra Christmasy presents:

Please read our terms and conditions on the website and watch out for more news!

Friday, November 2, 2012

5th of November's chilly night out!

Hello again everyone!

Do you remember, remember...that the 5th of November is coming and it will be cold!?

Why not check out what Fox Hunt Menswear can do for you? Our products are available at Wolf & Badger.

Also, even though it's too late to order anything for the 5th of November, remember that the days will be getting colder and colder....So, come on, visit our website, pick something you love and get yourself a treat!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stylish head phones

I came across something rather amazing the other day! They were created by Urban Ears and you can wear them, look stylish and keep your ears warm and full of music!

Aren't they just cool? Imagine how well they would fit with a beautiful suit from Fox Hunt Menswear!