Thursday, September 5, 2013

London Fashion Week September 2013 SS14

London Fashion Week
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Grey Fox Blog for Senior Men

Having a nice cup of coffee at Somerset House, London with David Evans (aka Grey Fox)
Here is a link to his profile on Guardian:

I enjoy reading his thoughts about fashion and style. 
 Recently he has made a list of all fashion brands who are purely British: Made in Britain.
We both feel that that very soon people will get back to basics and start purchasing 
made in britain clothing again. It is all about the quality that comes together with a product made here.

Henry Poole & Co Savile Row Founders Exclusive Video Interview

An exclusive interview with founders of Savile Row- Henry Poole & Co
Brought together by Julija Hunt, FOXHUNT.
Film & Direction Micaela Alcaino

Henry Poole & Co was established in 1806 
15 Savile Row, Mayfair, London

In 1806 James Poole with his wife Mary started working as tailors stiching military tunics.
40 years later Jame's son Henry Poole started working on the family business and managed to become a celebrity tailor. He started to serve Emperor Napoleon III, Queen Victoria, King Edward VII. 

Savile Row in Maifair London is the last street in the city dedicated entirely to unique craft: 
male suit & elegance.

Henry Poole & Co was the first tailoring company to come to the row.