Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The knitting art

Ever wondered how it is to knit a pair of mittens or a scarf? Here is a lovely Knitting blog where you can try it out! Why not check how difficult and challenging it can be?

Who knows, you might be a natural and perhaps knitting will be your next, big career! 

For those who like the feeling of hand knitted mittens, scarves or jumpers, you can always order them from Fox Hunt Menswear website!

Isn't that just lovely?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Long winter evenings...

In the unstoppable wake of the winter...with the rain, the wind and the general greyness outside, there is nothing better than a snug jumper, a sofa and a hot cup of soup after spending the Halloween out in the cold.

Check out the amazingly warm and soft collection of Fox Hunt Menswear jumpers and accessories on our website!

I regret to say that we will need to leave the soup to you, but I personally recommend a lovely pumpkin soup from blog. If you like a bit more heat, just add a pinch of chilly pepper!

Do you already feel all warm inside? Then hurry for that jumper to keep you warm on the outside too!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Golf Clothing

Order a custom made golf jumper at Fox Hunt Menswear.

The company provides with unique bespoke knitwear service offering the top quality garments.

Knitwear Handmade in England

Contact Fox Hunt at, +447402425287 , to order book an appointment or order exclusive knitwear and accessories online.

Contacts:, +447402425287

Christmas Gift Ideas

The best Christmas gift is a pair of hand knitted socks. 100% merino wool available at D.S. Dundee and Wolf & Badger shops in London >>

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Play tennis in style

Vintage tennis jumper. Fox Hunt is hand knitting a tennis jumper at the moment. 

Hand knitters to make you a Christmas jumper

Fox Hunt is the top company in UK providing with exclusive handmade knitwear. We offer custom made knitwear and accessories as well as ready to wear garments.

The most experienced knitters in England will produce bespoke knitwear specially for you!

Contact us know to order your Christmas jumper!

Fox Hunt Menswear will help you to make a custom made Christmas gift for your family and friends.

Fox Hunt vs Wolf & Badger

Fox Hunt Menswear collection will be available at Wolf and Badger, Notting Hill, London from the 1st of November.

Unique and top quality knitwear and accessories handmade in England.

Each stitch is made by hand of experienced craftsmen to ensure the highest quality and accuracy. Every piece is exclusive and the only one. Even different sizes of a design has unique details. 

Fox Hunt knitwear and accessories are the best Christmas gifts: exclusive, custom made and stylish.

Wolf and Badger. Notting Hill London

our newest collection of handmade knitwear for men will be available from 1st November at Wolf and Badger , Notting Hill, London


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