Thursday, June 21, 2012

why high street fashion is evil?

recently I have wrote an article for WWF's Earth Book 2012, just some thought about mass produced fashion and endless consumption causing fashion pollution:

I am studying Environmental Engineering at UCL in London. My goal is to encourage people to live sustainable and contribute towards saving our natural resources. I am environmental activist who dedicates time for volunteering and helping to preserve urban nature every year.

Living in a big city London, I have noticed that people are tend to consume more unnecessary products rather than people who lives in small towns. They are tend to buy everything impulsively ending up with goods they actually do not need. The main hazard becomes fashion as people buy too much cheap clothing which they use only one time. Usually this is not because they do not have money for clothing they just want to wear it once. 'Quick fashion' creates massive landfills considering the materials, labour and energy that are involved in making one-time-piece.

Urban pollution has encouraged me to create a sustainable clothing brand- Julija Handmade. The brand that specializes in custom made knitwear. Clothing are completely handmade created from organic materials without using any energy resources.

I want to teach people how to take care of their belongings and pollute less by changing their perception towards fashion and lifestyle.

My message to people worldwide: do not be a fashion victim and consumer without an opinion. Buy less clothing and make them last longer. Do not create additional waste around you.

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