Friday, June 22, 2012

Mathematical Success

If we compare two types of people: who are prone to mathematical subjects and people who are more into arts. Which type do you think is more likely to give up on a dream?

Friend of mine once asked me this question. When it comes to myself, my educational background is engineering and from my own experience I know that if I fail I will do it again till I succeed.
This is similar to a maths exercises, if you are interested, want to learn and find a solution to a problem you  will redo it again and again. Because you are aware of first, second, etc time failure.

This is completely opposite with people from artistic background. They are just too emotional and can not cope with a failure. After trying once they just give up as they have never solved a maths problem.

This is what you pay for success: time. You repeat everything again trying to find different approach from the other angle to a problem. This is how you build your stamina, knowledge and success.

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